Mailmark Franking Machines

Mailmark Franking Machines

Franking Machines Leeds are here to help guide you with the new Mailmark service. Mailmark is a brand new franking addition brought to you by The Royal Mail. This service will offer all businesses in the UK, including Leeds, an alternative way to frank their mail. Instead of franking a logo and return address onto your mail, you will be able to frank a brand NEW 2D barcode onto your mail, allowing you to track mail from your business in Leeds. This will bring your business many useful benefits which will aid your business immensely.

Mailmark will allow your business to track your mail and get notified when you it has been delivered or if there is an error in the delivery. As well as this, you will receive even lower franking prices for your franking, saving you even more money. If you want access to this great service, then you will need a Mailmark franking machine that is compatible with the new Mailmark service, and Franking Machines Leeds are happy to supply you with them.

Mailmark advantages

By owning a Mailmark franking machine, you will gain access to a wide range of franking advantages that would not have been gained with stamps or a normal franking machine. Some of the Mailmark advantages include:

• Pricing benefits – this will get you more out of your mailing budget
• 2D Barcode – give your mail a professional look and attract more customers
• Constant mail tracking – track your mail from your business to its destination all the time. Never lose your mail again.
• Brand new business reply – increase your profits and enhance responses

Mailmark Franking Machines

There are many franking machines that are being upgraded to become Mailmark compatible. This will give businesses in Leeds easier access to Mailmark and give customers the chance to get the upgrade of Mailmark. Many franking machine manufacturers and suppliers, such as Mailcoms and Neopost, are integrating Mailmark into an entire range of franking machines, many available from Franking Machines Leeds. As well as this, brand new franking machines are being released especially for the new Mailmark service. This will give everyone the chance to use and gain access to this marvelous service. Some of the Mailmark Compatible franking machines that Franking Machines Leeds are aware of include:

• Mailcoms Mailbase Franking Machine
• Mailcoms Speed Franking Machine
• Mailcoms Connect Plus Franking Machine
• Frama Matrix F22 Franking Machine
• Frama Matrix F42 Franking Machine
• Frama Matrix F82 Franking Machine
• Pitney Bowes DM50 Franking Machine
• Pitney Bowes DM400c Franking Machine
• Pitney Bowes Connect + 1000 Franking Machine
• Neopost IS240 Franking Machine
• Neopost IS350 Franking Machine
• Neopost IS480 Franking Machine

These franking machines are just some of the many Mailmark compatible franking machines that are currently on the market and available for your business in Leeds. This means that all different types of franking machines will be Mailmark compatible, so if you have a low, medium or high volume franking machine, you will be able to upgrade or get a replacement for your current franking machine and become Mailmark compatible. Franking Machines Leeds are here to help guide you with the new Mailmark service.

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